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After slowing down my workshop offerings in 2021, I’ll be rebooting this work in 2022. Knock on wood, right?

Who knows what the tide will bring? The sense of precarity is profound. And yet, I know enough to know that precarity is not new, and that the best antidote to a sense of hopelessness is to work toward alleviating as much suffering as we can while we can wherever we can.

I’ll be offering three, signature workshops and am booking for January to May 2022 and September to November 2022. While I’m open to discussing other options, my plan is to primarily stick to these existing topics as that will allow me to share this work in a sustainable way with as many folks as possible.

My typical workshop consists of a 60-minute interactive presentation followed by 30 minutes for an open Q & A. Rates vary depending on institutional type, audience, and workshop recording access.

Workshop descriptions follow and are listed on my website, 100 Faculty.

Trauma-Aware Teaching

Viewing impacts of trauma through a pedagogical lens, geared toward helping faculty and staff understand the basic definitions and impacts of trauma. Includes both big picture overview and practical teaching tips.

Supporting ADHD Learners

Presents strengths-based, challenge-aware model of working with and supporting ADHD learners. Includes Karen’s awareness of the experiences of living with ADHD. Discussion of neurodiversity model and practical strategies based on current/evolving research on ADHD.

Humanizing Online Learning

Topics include whole person pedagogy, infusing content and delivery with choice, use of simple and sustainable videos, brief discussion of connection between trauma and humanizing model.

If you’re interested in booking a workshop, I do ask that you complete the workshop request form on my website in order to streamline the process.

Looking forward to learning with you in 2022.




I write about higher education. Here for my work through 100 Faculty, LLC, supporting faculty, staff, and student success.

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Karen Costa

Karen Costa

I write about higher education. Here for my work through 100 Faculty, LLC, supporting faculty, staff, and student success.

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