99 Tips for Faculty Development in End Times

Georgia O’Keeffe painting
The last time I went to an art museum was a trip to the MFA for my birthday. In 2019.

1. Might we need new words?

I don’t love the term faculty development, and increasingly, I’m getting an ick factor when I use or encounter it. It’s got a savior complex energy to it, you know? I’m here to develop (and rescue!) you. You are the negative, and I’m the photographer.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

2. Wordle’s Origin Story

I was reading this morning about the Wordle origin story. First off, the creator made Wordle to entertain his partner during pandemic times, not to make a million, which makes me feel a little less hopeless about humanity. But also, check out this gorgeous nugget of wisdom from Josh Wardle:

A completed Wordle ending in the word “Prick”
A recent Wordle

3. Meeting People Where They Are

The number one rule of design, at least my number one rule, is that we have to meet learners where they are. We have to design for reality, not some fantasy world filled with idealized humans.

Photo by Steven Kamenar on Unsplash


Empathy. Design for who’s in the room.



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Karen Costa


I write about higher education. Here for my work through 100 Faculty, LLC, supporting faculty, staff, and student success.